Purple Orchid: FarmVille Permanent Crop

A new crop, Purple Orchid, is coming soon to Farmville. It requires some unlocking which at the moment is impossible, and you might be unable to see the new crop in the FarmVille Market. Purple Orchids will require that you complet Stage 2 of the Garden Tea Party. However, the Garden Tea Party has not been introduced in FarmVille yet, so be patient.

Farmville surely knows how to tease us with new crops. Furthermore, notice that the market icon for Purple Orchids as pictured below is obviously the wrong crop.

Stay tuned for more news on it.

  • FarmVille Purple Orchid – Complete Stage 2 of the Garden Tea Party to unlock this crop!

FarmVille Purple Orchid

FarmVille Purple Orchid Unlock

Are you excited to grow Purple Orchids on your farm?

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